In the picture the following brands are exhibited:

Dommelsch, Oranjeboom (octopus-shirt) and Rolling Rock. The T-Shirt of Dommelsch is the "Japanese" one from a series of special T-Shirts.

The octopus-shirt goes together with a commercial-campaign that Oranjeboom launched in 1998. In that commercial an octopus acting as a barkeeper was the main star.

On the picture at the right you can see t-shirts of the brands Bavaria, Grolsch, Oranjeboom and Palm. The Grolsch T-Shirt concerns one on the occasion "Trucker Truck Helvoirt": a yearly event in October since 1994. Truckdrivers from the surrounding area of Helvoirt take handicapted people for a ride through the Noord-Brabants countryside. T-Shirts2
T-shirt Corona Extra

A special t-shirt is the one of Corona Extra, the "tropical" edition. Besides that one, there are two other Corona t-shirts available as well: one that is printed as a Corona-bottle and one with a bottle of Corona and a lady. These are available at Large Pop Merchandising. They also offer a Bud t-shirt.

At the right is one of Desperados (beer flavoured with tequila). Despite one expects it's a Mexican beer, Desperados is brewed by the French brewery Fischer in Schiltigheim. Because this brewery is owned by Heineken, Heineken distributes and promotes this beer in The Netherlands.

T-shirt Desperados
T-shirt Lieve

A very nice t-shirt is the one of Lieve. It reads "Liefhebber" ("lover") on the front and shows the Lieve-logo at the back. In Dutch the analogy between "Lieve" and "Liefhebber" is very obvious, which can't be translated into English easily.

New (june): Budweiser T-Shirt with the European version of the brand: "Bud". The t-shirt just contains a small image on the frontside, upperleft corner (wearer's point of view).

T-shirt Bud
T-shirt Bofferding

T-Shirt of Bofferding from Luxemburg. This t-shirt too has just a small image of the beerbrand.

"Life is too short to drink cheap beer" says Warsteiner, that with this saying is positioning itself within the so-called premium segment of the beermarket.

T-shirt Warsteiner

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