My name is Sander van Woerkom. From 1994 to 1996 I studied Computer Science at the Catholic University of Nijmegen (nowadays called Radboud University). After these years I switched to Fontys BKL in Tilburg, where I graduated for my MBA and SPD-exams in June 1998. Nowadays I'm a full-time financial accountant at Frencken Mechatronics in Eindhoven.

So far I can remember I started collecting beerglasses in 1992, after I got a Diekirch-glass as a souvenir from Luxemburg. Since then, my hobby has become more and more professional, which led to building this site and becoming a member of BAV. To be able to collect these glasses, I have tasted a lot of different beers in the past few years and became a real 'enjoyer' of special beers. These pages however are not about brewing, do not review beers, neither praise or reject specific beers. Yet I did include links to pages that write about these things.

Now, what to expect on this site? A description of my collections in relation to beerbrands, links to breweries and references to sources of bigger and more diverse beer related subjects.

Originally these pages were meant as an experiment and therefore may lack the more advanced technical capabilities that are currently available with HTML. But this won't spoil what really is in the picture here: beerglasses! Reactions and suggestions to my pages are always welcome, as well as information about beerglasses, opportunities for swapping glasses, new beersites etcetera. Please mail your reaction to:Ligging van Helvoirt

The name Helvoirt's Bierglazen Huis

The name of the Helvoirt's house of beerglasses is primarily acquired from my home town: the village of Helvoirt at the N65 located between 's-Hertogenbosch and Tilburg. With the years, my collection has risen further, what led to the glasses filling up more and more of my home. Therefore it really is a house of beerglasses. That's why, "Helvoirt's House of Beerglasses (Helvoirts Bierglazen Huis)".

The name Hét Bierglazen Huis

At the beginning of 2004 the site with its glasses, labels, postcards and pictures accompanying the news articles reached a size of about 35 MB. Since capacity by the free domainspace providers was reached again, it had to be expanded. Another provider would mean further fragmentation. So a more professional solution has been sought by means of full webhosting, provided by Alphamega Hosting B.V.. Unfortunately, the domainname could not be kept. That's why the name has been thought over again. To keep the site its known name as much as possible, I chose to get rid of the name of the town and change it to hét (the). The Beerglass House can be reached from that moment on under two different domains:

Today, the site is being hosted by Web-Oké to cut back costs.

Nowadays, the house is virtually open for public only. But maybe it will be possible to visit it in real life some day. Certainly when the collection of accessories (like caps/T-shirts) will be more widely represented. Purpose is to maintain a rich collection of beerglasses all around the world, in which my own environment will nevertheless play an (already) important role (Dutch, Belgian and Luxemburg beers). Furthermore, the Eleventh Commandment "Thou Shall Enjoy" will be an important wisdom.

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