Just like the popularity and diversity of special beers on the Dutch market increases, one hasn't enough fingers to count the number of beerfestivals. Some I like because of their atmosphere, others because of the diversity in beers.

As with my review on brewery visits, you can find here a completely subjective rating of the beerfestivals I attended. Of some I can say to have already written down the festival's date next year, of others 'once, and that's it'. Nonetheless, I praise al those people for carrying out the love for our beers and show its diversity to the public by means of a festival!

Regarding the rating, I have take the next points into account:

For the various criteria as well as the general rating the following table applies:

definitively recommended
...fortunately the beer tasted good!
PINT Bokbierfestival, Amsterdam
28-10-20063rd weekend in October, 3 daysIn a few words: crowded, no wardrobe, "background" music is dominant, also attracts heavy drinkers instead of just beerlovers. For so far the negatives. On the other hand, the supply of beers is very good and shows again how divers Dutch beerculture can be: in this single beerstyle alone being able to present so many beers.
How to get there: Supply: Atmosphere: Extras:
Biereloth, Boxtel
a.o. 20062nd Sunday in SeptemberI would like to qualify this festival as the brother (or sister, if you like) of the Biermatinée in Oisterwijk. But: presentation and atmosphere are less. The supply is similar, however: beers of small Dutch and Belgian breweries with a few big brands.
How to get there: Supply: Atmosphere: Extras:
Biermatinée, Oisterwijk
a.o. 20071st Sunday in JulyFor me this is the prototype of a good beerfestival: the surroundings are good, the atmosphere is good, the supply is good and besides the most important ingredient (beer!) there are stands of BAV, PINT, glassengraver, tombola and blind tasting game. Because of these positive things the festival is popular and therefore crowded. The terrasses next to the festivalsite enhance the atmosphere further.
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Bierpassie Weekend, Antwerpen
2005, 2006, 20073rd weekend in June, 3 daysFor all those lovers of beers brewed by the largest breweries in Belgium a fantastic festival. The last couple of years it is being held at the Groenplaats in a atmospheric tent. Besides the wellknown exported beers, a couple of new and less known beers are being presented. Perhaps are some small breweries the only that is actually missing.
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Brabants meibokfestival, Oirschot
27-05-2007 The weather did not cooperate that day and that may have coloured this commentary a little. However, the number of beers presented was disappointing, with just the choice between Oirschots and Maasland. The atmosphere was one that says: for the somewhat older visitor. And that is not a good thing if you bear in mind that many brewers complain that the youth doesn't drink their 'bitter' beers anymore. So this was a nice day out for locals, but not a thing to come to all the way from any place other than Oirschot.
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KBC Bierfestival, 's-Hertogenbosch
06-05-20071st Sunday in MayThe site is even better than in Oisterwijk: located in the center of Den Bosch! That means space, adjacent terrasses and so far always nice weather. As the name suggests it is a festival where the small breweries present thenselves with their wide range in varieties in beer: springbock, white and wheatbeers, pilseners and barley wines. Recommended.
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Bierfestival, Tilburg
20-03-2007 Let me start with the entourage: the location was just miserable, being a grey shopping mall on a 20 minutes walk from station West. The music wasn't something that cheered me up either. However, the supply of beers was decent, being a mix of better-known Dutch and Belgian beers from small breweries. If this festival is being held in the citycenter, the rating may double easily.
How to get there: Supply: Atmosphere: Extras:
Kom preuve!, Maastricht
19-01-20072 daysThe location was some sort of a partyhall which had a nice atmosphere. Because the organisation has determined the profits of the festival to a good cause, this reflects in the chosen musical entertainment. The beers presented were a pleasant mix of know and less known small breweries in The Netherlands and Belgium. The festivalguide lists the necessary information of all the beers presented. Less pleasant was the Duchesse de Bourgogne, which was sour and made the trip back home a long one...
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