Additions and changes

The following overview shows you if and where changes have been made and which items have been added, removed or changed.

Week 21-2018
  • added dozens of crowncaps
Week 30-2015
  • added 14 new labels
Week 20-2015
  • added 11 new crowncaps
Week 12-2015
  • added 12 new crowncaps
Week 49-2014
  • added new glasses
  • added labels of Ikea, St. Servattumus BAV Najaarbeurs Bier, Thai Thai and Howling Wolf
  • some alternate domains have been discarded (a.o.
Week 40-2014
  • added 18 new crowncaps
Week 32-2014
  • added new glass acquiries
Week 31-2014
  • on the English labels page the back and neck labels can be viewed now
  • added labels of Eijkenrode Evoluwonder, La Trappe Isid'or, Van Moll Toewijding and Zundert Trappist
Week 34-2013
  • added 28 new crowncaps
  • added labels of Bornem Tripel, Gentse Strop, Mont des Cats and Wilderen Goud
Week 19-2013
  • added new glasses
Week 12-2013
  • cleaned up glassesdatabase
  • improved/replaced pictures of various glasses
Week 49-2012
  • added review of excursion to Breugems
Week 38-2012
  • added labels of Amarillo Sun, Eindhovens Blond, Foster's and Hapkin
  • added new glasses
Week 7-2012
  • added labels of Emelissa Double IPA (export), Hertog Jan Oerblond, Krimpens 5-Granen (Winter)bokbier and Winterkoninkske
  • added new glasses
  • changed windowsize for glasses in the various resultpages
Week 5-2012
  • added labels of Kinhem Hooglander and Texels Winterbier
Week 42-2011
  • added reports of breweryvisits
Week 24-2011
  • added labels of Chang Beer, Kirin Ichiban, Leffe Lentebier, Postwirt's Dunkel, Sapporo and Sibirskaja Korona
Week 7-2011
  • added new glasses
Week 46-2010
  • added 40 new crowncaps
Week 42-2010
  • added labels of Estrella Damm, Kesselring Urfränkisches Landbier, Lapin Kulta, Ozujsko, Super Bock, Thurn und Taxis Märzen, Urpiner and Waerdsepolderbier Tripel
Week 1-2010
  • added labels of Alfa Echt 2009, Ambar 1900, Bière Façon Bavière, Broeder Everardus Tripel, Budels Echt 2009, Delfts Dubbel Gerste, De Eem Chinook, De Eem Rosebud, Emelisse Double IPA, Gulpener Echt 2009, Huttenkloas Landbier, Klaver Dort, Karlovacko, La Trappe Isid'Or, Lindeboom Echt 2009, Mommeriete Blond, Snaterwater Blond, St. Servattumus Spelt Stout and Zondebok
Week 40-2009
  • added labels of Brugge Tripel, Brugse Zot, Hettinga Dubbel, De Jonkheer Dubbel, De Jonkheer Tripel, Grimbergen Goud, Phoenix Sofie Amersfoort 750, Scheerse Tripel, Spring in 't Veld, Tripel Karmeliet and Waggel
Week 25-2009
  • added 24 new crowncaps
Week 16-2009
  • added labels of AH Bockbier, De Leckere Dubbel, De Leckere Winterbier, De Eem Amersfoort 750, Delfste Kuyte Bier, Geilings Brabants Bruin, Gulden Craen, Mangootje, Mongozo Banana, Mongozo Coconut, Mongozo Quinua, Paulus and Tropikaantje
Week 5-2009
  • added label of Christoffel Nobel
Week 1-2009
  • added new glasses acquired in the second half of 2008, of which those from (Southeast-)Asia are especially worth mentioning: Beerlao, Angkor, Anchor Smooth and Tsingtao
Week 51-2008
  • updated reviews of breweryvisits
Week 42-2008
  • added labels of Bavaria Hooghe Bock, Delftse Luyks Bier, De Leckkere Razende Swaen and De Leckere Willibrord
Week 32-2008
  • updated the glass database
  • updated the reviews of brewery visits
  • added labels of Brand Up, Breda Royal Lager, Mystic and Orval
Week 28-2008
  • added labels of Antonius Abt, Bavaria Spring Bock, Brand Lentebock, Grolsch Lentebok and Woerkumer Abdij Bruin
Week 18-2008
  • updated the database with glasses
Week 12-2008
  • added labels of Battin Extra, Campbell's Scotch Ale, Gordon Higland Ale and Sagres
Week 10-2008
  • updated the overview of breweryvisits
Week 9-2008
  • added a page with reviews of beerfestivals
  • removed pages "In the fridge" and "Clipboard"
  • removed ICQ-status
Week 3-2008
  • added a colleague-collector and changed the contents of the page Other Collectors a bit
Week 51-2007
  • added new glass acquisitions
  • added 24 new crowncaps
Week 49-2007
  • added labels of Bofferding Hausbéier, Guuskes, Delftse Mueselare Bier, Mug Bitter, Oud Beersel Oude Geuze and Petrus Dubbel Bruin
Week 48-2007
  • added labels of Ahornberger Landbier, Oettinger Pils, Rodenbach Grand Cru, Scone Sconedorpsch and Zuster Agatha Quadrupel
Week 42-2007
  • NedStat/WebStats4u-counter with annoying popup replaced by StatCounter (finally!)
Week 41-2007
  • added labels of Ahornberger Landbier, Früh Kölsch, Krombacher Pils, König Pilsener, Kronenbourg, Küppers Kölsch and Zwickel Bier
Week 40-2007
  • updated the glass database
Week 24-2007
  • updated the glass database
Week 21-2007
  • added labels of BAM Ruilbeursbier, Borefts Tripel, Grunn Bock, Grunn Goudhaantje, Maredsous 8, Maredsous 10, Wëllen Ourdaller and Zeeuws Kersenbier
Week 42-2006
  • added links to other glasscollectors
  • added labels of Grunn Hoagelwit, Grunn Rode Hoan and Grunn Hail en Zegen
  • added review of visit to Palm
Week 23-2006
  • (finally!) updated the glasses-database with 49 new acquisitions (period June 2005 up to May 2006)
Week 21-2006
  • added review of visit to Mommeriete
Week 15-2006
  • updated links to colleague-collectors
  • updated the crowncaps collection (added 21 pieces)
Week 45-2005
  • updated list with glasses for sales/exchange
  • changed wrong name in screen with searchresults
Week 22-2005
  • updated the glasses database
  • updated brewery visits and added pictures
Week 1-2005
  • added label of Castle Lager (South-Africa)
Week 53-2004
  • added labels of Dobbele Java, Gulle and Lazarus
Week 48-2004
  • added labels of Brand Urtyp, Flensburger Pilsener, Grof Geschut, Orval and Zondebok
Week 39-2004
  • added labels of La Chouffe, Estrella Damm, Oettinger Pils, Wellen Ourdaller and Zeller Münster
  • added new glasses
  • renewed all pictures from Palm-glasses
  • added Duvel cap
  • added new crowncaps
  • fixed a couple of references to the 'old' site which were still to be found in some Englisch pages
April to July 2004
  • Site revision 5
    • changed the name from Helvoirts Bierglazen Huis to Hét Bierglazen Huis
      (or Helvoirts House of Beerglasses to The Beerglass House)
    • moved all pages to Alpha Mega Webhosting. This means that the Wandoo- and TMF-servers won't be used anymore (please remove all direct references to these pages)
    • introduced new urls:
    • added the a beerbook-page in the Collections-section
    • added lots of new labels
    • changed the quality of the greetingcards and added a few new ones
    • removed the information page on events in Helvoirt (hadn't been updated for a very long time)
    • removed a number of inconsistencies in naming, helping text etc.
    • changed some programming
Week 6-2004
  • added 80 new acquisitions including their pictures
Week 52-2003
  • added labels of Affligem Patersvat, Bush de Noël, Corsendonk Christmas Ale, Dobbelpalm and Gulpener Witte Kerst toegevoegd
  • added Heineken studycards
  • added new crowncaps
Week 50-2003
  • added new acquisitions from October up to December, including pictures
  • added a colleague-collector on the 'Other collectors'-page
  • the Christmas card 2003 of the Helvoirts House of Beerglasses is available from now on
Week 43-2003
  • added labels of Budels Alt, Batavier, Biobier, Bock, Capucijn, Honey, Parel, Oud Bruin, Pils and Vuurtoren
Week 32/33-2003
  • added new acquisitions
  • added some crowncaps
  • updated the list of breweryvisits
  • added labels of Boag's, Chimay Wit, Eifeler Landbier and Horster Oud
  • renewd the main page of the Glasses section
  • updated "In the fridge"
Week 22-2003
  • added new acquisitions
  • updated the breweryvisits
Week 18/19-2003
  • added labels of Chimay Blue, Chimay Red and Rochefort 8
Week 10-2003
  • in the category "Collections" added crowncaps. Of all crowncaps a picture can be seen on one single page. This database too has fully been translated into English!
  • added labels of Hertog Jan Janneke and Miller Genuine Draft
Week 6-2003
  • added labels of Hertog Jan Dubbel, Tripel and Grand Prestige
Week 52-2002
  • added labels of Hertog Jan Primator and Jupiler
  • added 2002 Christmas card
  • updated "In the fridge"
Week 49-2002
  • added labels of Alfa Edel Pils and Moerenburg Witbier
  • placed an ad on the clipboard
  • updated "In the fridge"
  • updated the brewery visits
Week 44-2002
  • added lables of Moerenburg BAV-beursbier, Leute Bokbier and Urthel
  • placed an ad on the clipboard
  • updated "In the fridge"
Week 43-2002
  • added new acquisitions
Week 40-2002
  • large update with new acquisitions
Week 29/39-2002
  • some small updates of glasses
Week 28-2002
  • added new acquisitions
  • added labels of Duchesse de Bourgogne and Kwak and changed labels of Hertog Jan
  • added navigation-bar for the links to breweries page
  • changed layout of the trappist glasses pages
  • changed appearance of page-titles on various pages
Week 27-2002
  • added collegue-collector
Week 21-2002
  • updated the list of visited breweries
  • added cap of Dommelsch
  • added new acquisitions
  • updated "In the fridge"
Week 14-2002
  • added new descriptions of glass names on the Glassnames page
  • updated the list of visited breweries
Week 13-2002
  • changed the introduction page of the glass-section in the collections-category
  • added labels of La Trappe Dubbel and Foster's
  • added new acquisitions
Week 10-2002
  • improved quality of various pictures
  • added labels of Gerardus, La Trappe Tripel and Palm (new)
  • updated "In the fridge"
Week 5-2002
  • changed the name of section "General information" to "Information & links"
  • moved the category "Other collectors" to the section "Information & links", so that all links are grouped together. Also added banners of the collegue-collectors.
  • changed the style of the page headings a little
  • added new acquisitions and their pictures
  • added labels of Bud and Gulpener Gladiator
  • updated "In the fridge"
Week 1-2002
  • updated "In the fridge"
Week 48-2001
  • updated "In the fridge"
  • added newest acquisitions including their picture
  • added labels of Bavaria Malt, Gulpener Dort, Heineken Oud Bruin and Heineken 2002
  • changed prizes to Euro
Week 43-2001
  • updated "In the fridge"
  • added some more new acquisitions
  • added labels of Jopen Bokbier and Leffe Blond
Week 42-2001
  • updated "In the fridge"
  • added pictures of all new acquisitions
  • added labels of Bison Xxxtra Strong, Grolsch Kornuit, Grolsch Zomergoud, Lion Stout, Lion Pilsner, Nuwara Eliya Stout and Royal Pilsner
Week 40-2001
  • updated the glassdatabase
Week 39-2001
  • updated "In the fridge"
Week 32-2001
  • update "In the fridge"
  • added Bofferding-cap
Week 24-2001
  • update "In the fridge"
  • added back labels Bavaria and labels Gulpener, Pivovar Svijani and Zamecky Maz
Week 22-2001
  • update "In the fridge"
  • added back labels Hertog Jan and Grolsch
  • added link to a collector of beer labels
Week 18-2001
  • updated the glass-database and added pictures
  • updated "In the fridge"
  • added labels Grolsch Lentebok
  • updated the terms and conditions of sale
Week 13-2001
  • updated the glass-database and added pictures
  • updated "In the fridge"
  • added labels Grolsch Lentebok
Week 12-2001
  • updated the glass-database and added pictures
  • added links to collegue-collectors
Week 8-2001
  • added new labels (Couwenhoven's Alt and Ouwe Daen)
  • updated the glass-database
  • updated breweryvisit Oudaen
Week 6-2001
  • added new labels (Het Kapittel Watou Abt, Watou's Wit Bier)
  • updated in the fridge
Week 52-2000
  • added Helvoirts House of Beerglasses' Christmas card for 2000
  • changed all of the greeting card pages in such a way that they exist of two real frames, in which case using Netscape not a new window is opened
  • added new glasses
  • aaded a collegue collector
  • updated "In the fridge"
  • added some text on the special series of glasses page
Week 50-2000
  • added new labels(Brand Meibock, Grimbergen Triple and Het Kapittel Dubbel)
Week 49-2000
  • update "In the fridge"
  • added new glasses
  • added new labels
Week 47-2000
  • update "In the fridge"
  • added new glasses
  • added new labels
  • added new cap
Week 44-2000
  • update "In the fridge"
  • (again) added pictures of new glasses
  • (again) added a lot of links to breweries
Week 43-2000
  • update brewery visit Alfa
  • update "In the fridge"
  • added pictures of 30 new glasses
  • added a lot of links to breweries
Week 40-2000
  • new page with brewery visits
  • added pictures of new acquisitions and improved quality of some others
  • added labels of De Koninck and Grolsch Grandeur
Week 39-2000
  • updated In the Fridge
  • added new acquisitions (no pictures available yet)
  • updated page with special glass-series
Week 36-2000
  • added labels of Brand Pilsener, Grolsch 2.5 Lemon and Rodenbach
  • Helvoirts House of Beerglasses joined the Breweriana Webring of J. Meinders
  • updated In the Fridge
Week 33-2000
  • the Helvoirts House of Beerglasses now has its own domainname:! The name has been kept the same as the e-mailaddress for convenience. This name makes it possible to change provider without the necessity to put out a mailing list announcing the siteaddress has been changed.
  • fixed the English names of the fields in the glassdatabase (some were displayed in Dutch)
  • added new acquisitions
  • updated the fridge
Week 32-2000
  • English database now available!
  • 2nd page of trappist beer information added
Week 26/30-2000
  • site revision 4: better, more clear site-build:
    • division into 4 parts (collections, general information with regard to beer, information about Helvoirts House of Beerglasses and its site and search/view glasses) that have their own "starting page"
    • elaborate contents for each site-part
  • new collector added
  • update database:
    • added new acquisitions with their pictures
    • added new links to breweries
  • extented the category "Trappistbeers" with photo-pages and changed some textual content
  • added more maps to the brand overview by country pages
Week 25-2000
  • update database and added pictures of new acquisitions
  • update "In the fridge"
  • added new t-shirt
Week 22-2000
  • update database with the addition of the new acquisitions' pictures
  • addition of an extended search-form
  • glasses can now also be viewed from pages that perform a so-called predefined query on the database, such as "New acquisistions" and "For sale/exchange"
  • textual changes/additions on various pages
  • pictures of all glasses can be viewed now!
  • added link to MegaByte Software in copyright-line
  • added e-mail-address in copyright-line
  • added new labels (Bud, Moreeke and La Trappe Blond)
  • various pages small (textual/graphical) updates
  • changed pictures of
    • caps
    • t-shirts
  • added Helvoirt's Weekend 2000 information (Dutch only)
  • updated "What's in the fridge?"
  • added new labels (Budels Meibock and Palm Speciale)
  • fixed a Y2K-bug that appeared in Netscape (Netscape's own JavaScript doc assured "year-2000-compliance". Guess not!)
  • Netscape doesn't accept marquees, so these will all be hidden when using that browser
  • the creation date for Dutch pages will be shown in Dutch now instead of English
  • updated "What's in the fridge?"
  • added a new collegue collector
  • glass database updated, orderform updated (only available in Dutch version) and "What's in the fridge?" updated
  • added a link to the orderform in the contents page (Dutch version only)
  • added new page "Glassnames"
  • updated the page "Special series" with the companylogos as backgroundimages and pictures of glasses from those series (the logos won't appear when using Netscape)
  • added Helvoirts House of Beerglasses Christmas card 1999
  • update "In the fridge"
28-11-1999 to 05-12-1999
  • major update concerning both Dutch and English version:
    • correction of errors
    • update of contents
    • made site friendlier for Netscape-users, that meant correct use of JavaScript!
    • transfer of label-part from TMFWeb to Wanadoo (quicker access)
    • added new labels
    • added pages in the section brand overview about Finland, Italy and Portugal
    • added page about millenniumparty in Helvoirt (Dutch only)
    • completely rewritten the searchfunction; including the page and added an example-page
  • English version of the labelpage is now available
  • update "In the fridge"
  • added a collegue-collector
  • added to the collection-category the page "Labels". This section of the Helvoirts House of Beerglasses resides on the extra server-space of TMFWeb (
  • new entrance via TMFWeb (
  • changed the look of the entrance-page; the German version is abandoned; all adresses are listed on the main page and the obliged links as well.
  • added page "This week in the fridge"
  • added newly acquired items; not only glasses, but also caps and t-shirts
  • changed JS-code to correct an error that wouldn't display the "subcollection"- and "new item"-flag correctly
  • added the page "Clipboard"
  • added the page "Other collectors"
01-05-1999 t/m 31-07-1999
  • added newly acquired items (glasses, caps, t-shirts)
  • added newly acquired glasses
  • added category "Events in Helvoirt"
  • added an order-form for glasses (shipment in the Netherlands only)
  • added a page with tips on where to find glasses
  • site revision 3:
    • renewded site-structure
    • more "database JavaScript" so changes in the database will be visible on every page that refers to that database
    • added some new text here and there
    • correct display of the navigation-buttons (underscore-type of lines aren't visible anymore
  • alphabetically linklist to breweries on the internet
  • the English version is now available
  • 7th trappist information
  • added a few JavaScript here and there
  • new links
  • new acquisitions added
  • added links to the subcollection tables in the brand overviews
  • new links
  • added the christmas card from the Helvoirts Bierglazen Huis
  • new structure for the brand overview; A-to-Z index
  • more colourful layout in the contents page. As these pages aren't loaded very often, the same background is used as for the tables.
  • added pages with greeting cards
  • brewery lists are added from foreign countries (in the overviews)
  • Europe map is now a "client side image map": click on the country for more information
  • background for glass tables
  • introduction page rewritten
  • new links to breweries
  • update of the tables Brand Overview and New acquisitions
  • this page
  • implementation of an alternative approach from this site: now also via

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