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With the search function you can easily make a selection from all the glasses the Helvoirts House of Beerglasses owns. You can also use that page to search for sites from breweries: simply select URL and the criterion it has to comply with. Use the selectionlists to construct a query. With the first selectionlist you can select the field (name, country, etc.), the second affects the way of searching (the fieldvalue has to be exact the same as the criterion, or has just to begin with it, etc.); after that there is an inputbox for the comparison value: the criterion. When you want to enter more than one, choose AND from the next selectionlist when you want to limit the the number of results or OR to extend the number of results, then click the "Add"-button. The form isn't cleared, but you can now add a second, third or even more criterions.


Note: With certain combinations it may take a while before any result shows up. Please be patient.

There are two searchforms available: extended and simple. When using the simple form you only have to deal with selection criterions mentioned above. If you choose the extended form, on the other hand, you have the following additional options:

When you leave all default options the same on the extended form, it acts as if it were a simple form. You can select or deselect the checkbox in from of "Extended search" to control which form is used.

Note that always a click on "Show result" is required in order to start the search/selection. A simple press on "Enter" results in a clear form.

You can click on the next page crowncap for the extended search form, or click on extended or simple.

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